Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Import your Google analytics goals is Adwords: Conversion tracking

To analyse ROI on Adwords Traffic, you need to know which keywords, ads and campaigns leads to the most conversions on your website. When you are also using Google Analytics, you can import your goals from Google Analytics into Google adwords and use these as conversions.

A conversion is measured when a visitor completes a certain action on your website. An example is filling in a contact form or downloading a file. In Google analytics it is possible to define such actions as a conversion goal.

Why should we import goals from Google Analytics into Google Adwords? This has multiple advantages: you can combine goals with the use of Conversion Optimizer and the CPA bidding tool. Both options make it possible to get more conversions out of your adwords traffic.


Before getting started there are some assumptions:

  • Your Adwords and Analytics accounts are linked
  • Data sharing with other products is enabled
  • Auto tagging in your Adwords account is enabled
  • You have set up at least one goal in Google Analytics (or you measure E-commerce transactions)

Step by Step

Follow the steps below to import your Google Analytics goals into Adwords

  1. Go to the “Conversion tracking” page in your adwords account
  2. In the conversion tracking table, click import from Google Analytics
  3. Select the goals and transactions you want to import from the list
  4. If necessary, adjust the action name so you can easily recognize your goals in your adwords account.
  5. Select “import” underneath the table

This is an easy but powerful way to get the best out of your Adwords. Your campaigns can be optimized based on what happens on your website.

You don’t know how the set up useful conversions or you want a more advanced analysis of your conversions? We can always help you.

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