Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top 10 conversion goals for Google Analytics

You have a website but have no idea how to measure the success of it? We give you 10 ideas to set up conversion goals in Google Analytics. These go from social media buttons to measuring lead generation.

Goals in Google Analytics is a versatile way to measure how well your website or app fulfils your target objectives. Each time a user completes a goals, a conversion is logged into your Google Analytics account. Surprisingly often conversion goals are missing in the configuration of web analytics accounts.

During the past years, Google Analytics has become an absolute must and now can do a lot more than only eCommerce oriented e-sales funnels.

Google Analytics allows to set up 4 goal sets. In every set 5 goals can be configured. So for every profile in Google Analytics it is possible to set up 20 different goals.


The 10 must track conversion goals

1.    Creation of new accounts

The goal "creation of new accounts" can be used to understand how many visitors create an account and continue ordering online. By setting up a funnel it can also be a good way to find out how complex your subscription process is. Sometimes some form fields are redundant and can be omitted.

2.    Comments of your visitors

Tracking the comments of your visitors is an excellent goal to set up when your website has a blog section. With this goal you can measure how engaged your visitors/readers are. To measure the action of posting a comment it is necessary to set up on onClick event with the 'Event tracking' function of Google Analytics. Afterwards this event can be set up as a goal.

3.    "Call me" option

Often the 'call me' option is placed on a page with a form, followed by a confirmation page. These pages are perfectly usable to set up a goal to measure the "call me" option.

4.    Download files

The measuring of downloading files can be used as a goal too. If there's a confirmation page, this can easily be set up as a goal. Otherwise it is possible to set up an event tracking for the download file and configure this as an goal.

5.    Social media actions

When you use social buttons on your website it is always interesting to know if visitors actually use these buttons. Google analytics has made the measuring of social media actions easy with their “social interaction” function.

6.    Lead generation

Measuring how many people request an offer, arrange a meeting, … often is a very important goal conversion for a company. Again, the contact form can be easily configured as a goal. Through the use of a funnel you can also optimize your contact form.

7.    Newsletter subscription

Measuring newsletter subscriptions can ideally be done by tracking the ‘thank you’ page or the page that confirms the subscription. It is also perfectly possible to add a value to the goal. When you tag your email campaigns by campaign tracking parameters, it is possible to calculate how many revenue emailing generates for your company.

8.    Catalog request

Setting up a goal for the catalog requests is similar the newsletter subscription. So this goal can be set up by tracking the ‘thank you’ or confirmation page. Because of the importance of a catalog request a funnel can be set up to analyse and optimize the request form.

9.    RSS feed subscriptions

Goals for RSS feed subscriptions can be set up by feedburner. It can also be done as a virtual PageView.

10.    E-sales funnel

Measuring your online sales is the most important funnel to set up for your website. To optimize your conversion you need to know where people drop-out in your sales process.

Do you want to set up advanced goals for your website? You can always contact us.

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